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Who We Are

Who is Southwest Regional CPR?

Southwest Regional CPR is your local Community Training Center offering American Heart Association Courses in Colorado. Our main Training Center Office location is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We offer community CPR/AED, Healthcare Provider, and Instructor Certification. Our courses offered range from non-certification for general public knowledge to Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. We also offer Instructor Training and Instructor Renewal courses. Southwest Regional CPR specializes in the education and training in resuscitation (CPR) and basic First Aid. Life saving skills need to be practiced for optimal results. We offer each student a manikin to practice with. Trained with a hands on approach from experienced educators who have knowledge of life saving skills, Southwest Regional CPR is here to fill your needs. Who should take a CPR class? Everyone! We are offering American Heart Association Courses which are nationally recognized, 2 year certification courses. Our non certification courses are recommended to be retaken at 2 years as well. Here are a few services we are here to provide through our community and healthcare provider courses:

Have high risk family members or friends?

Many of people in need of assistance cannot speak and need someone trained to recognize an emergency. Any needs met by the bystander who first finds the victim can be a crucial part to someone’s survival. Many in our community are looking for the knowledge and don’t need certification. If are wanting the knowledge and skill to assist and are not looking for certification, you will want to look at our website calendar schedule for our Family and Friends course. This course can be taken with all age groups, Adult/Child only, or Infant/Child only

Trying to meet a work requirement?

Many jobs require their employees and staff to take a certification course for CPR, First Aid or both. If you are not a Healthcare Provider and need to prove certification to meet a work requirement, we offer the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR with AED for Adult, Child and/or Infant, with or without First Aid courses. These 2 year certification courses can be found at our website calendar schedule for Heartsaver CPR with AED, First Aid and a combination course for CPR/AED with First Aid. Look at our website calendar to register for a Heartsaver Adult, Child and/or Infant CPR with AED with or without First Aid Courses.

Work with Children or Daycare?

If your are working as a Childcare Provider, look at the website calendar schedule to register for a Heartsaver Pediatric CPR with AED with or without First Aid Courses.

Are you taking CNA, Nursing, EMS or need a Healthcare Provider couses?

If your are looking for a 2 year certification for BLS, ACLS or PALS Provider courses, look at our website calendar to register for our BLS, ACLS and/or PALS for new providers or if you are currently a certified provider and register for a currently offered schedule for our Provider Renewal course.

Are you a Healthcare Provider and looking to take a BLS, ACLS or PALS Provider Course?

Look at our website calendar schedule to register for a BLS, ACLS or PALS Provider Courses. We are currently teaching the American Heart Association 2015 Guidelines.

Are you looking for Instructor Training, Training Center Alignment or Instructor Transfer?

Southwest Regional CPR is an American Heart Association Training Center and specialize in Instructor Training, mentoring and support. We are your source of certification cards when you teach and need to provide certification for your students/providers. Look at our website calendar schedule to register for or monthly Instructor Training Courses and requirements needed. Please contact us at 719-570-0277 for more information and ask our Faculty Staff about any requirements needed or if you have questions regarding becoming an instructor.

Are you currently a Southwest Regional CPR aligned Instructor and looking to renew your Instructor status?

Look at our website calendar schedule to register for any of our monthly Instructor Renewal course.

Do you sell AED’s, pocket masks, first aid kits, instructor supplies or any other product?

Southwest Regional CPR is committed to high quality training for CPR and First Aid. We do have key chain faceshields, Pocket masks, student or Instructor manuals and can assist our aligned instructors for ordering of Instructor supplies.


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